A passionate photographer .
I am a happily dancing soul , camera is my wings .
my eyes defined the exact tone between the lightest shade of white and the darkest shade of black .I sing with the monochrome pictures.
In the middle of the surrounding noise , the scene shade me with creative silence then I can't hear anything but the shutter's click .

My name is Madhawy ,which means the light, so the light is started with me since I was born :) .
I started photography since I was a child .
I studied Languages, and specialized in English translation .
My profession Photography life started after I had my diploma in Photography , Digital and film , then I joined all the photography courses that I can .
started to instruct photography in 2009 .
I love Architecture photography , I tend to shoot in black & white .
beside photography , I love to travel , read ,and horse back riding .
I work as Photography Lecturer in Princess Nourah University , Photography Instructor in different inistitutes , an executive director of the Middle East Photography Club , President of the Light Drawers Girls Photography Group .